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פרק 1: Ory Segal
Security Challenges With The Growing World Of Serverless Functions
פרק 2: Yuval Reut
Security Challenges Of Moving From Monolith To Micro-Services
פרק 3: Evgeny Zislis
Cloud Configuration Pitfalls
פרק 4: Demi Ben Ari
Kubernetes On Steroids
פרק 5: Guy Flechter
Guard Rails And Not Gates – How R&D And Security Should Co-Exist Audio Player
פרק 6: Olaf Streutker
The Cloud Octagon Model Framework for Cloud Adoption
פרק 7: Damir Savanović
Creating Trust in Cloud
פרק 8: Beau Woods
Securing The World of IoT
פרק 9: Shira Shamban
Challenges With Cloud Management Logs
פרק 10: Nir Valtman
Securing The New Fintech Economy
פרק 11: Eliav Gnessin
IoT Security Basics
פרק 12: Tsachi Lutaty
Diving Into Authorization And Policy Bases Access Controls
פרק 13: Vladi Sandler
Creating Trust & Awareness
פרק 14: Oded Hareven
DevOps Secret Management
פרק 15: Tal Arad
Challenges Of Selecting SaaS Provider
פרק 16: Ori Troyna
Merging Cloud Based Startup Into Financial Giants
פרק 17: Oz Avenstein
How to do penetration testing in cloud application
פרק 18: Bar Hofesh
Testing Cloud Application
פרק 19: Or Kamara
Understanding Cloud Attack Vectors
פרק 20: Menny Barzilay
The Dark Side Of Privacy
פרק 21: Eran Feigenbaum
Building The Next Generation Of Cloud Services
פרק 22: Liran Tal
How To Do Add Open Source Code To Your Applications, Securely by SilverLining IL
פרק 23: Yoad Dvir
Understanding Microsoft Cloud Security Pillars
פרק 24: Dima Revelis
Putting The Sec Into DevOps
פרק 25: Shira Shamban
From Excessive Permissions To Least Privileges - Automating Your IAM Roles
פרק 26: Moshe / Ariel
Current Challenges With Cloud
פרק 27: Dalit Ben Israel
Protecting Your Cloud Data With Legal Controls
פרק 28: Ofer Maor
Analyzing Cloud Attack Vectors - SaaS Marketplaces and Office 365 BEC
פרק 29: Arick Goomanovsky
Cloud Identity Governance - understanding challenges
פרק 30: Eitan Satmary
The challenges of CISO in a security company
פרק 31: Benjy Portnoy
Understanding Cloud Native Security Basics
פרק 32: Ohad Maislish
Understanding Infrastructure as Code and How to Use it Effectively
פרק 33: Asaf Hecht
Researching Cloud Vulnerabilities
פרק 34: Assaf Keren
PayPal cloud journey
פרק 35: Malgorzata (Gosia) Steinder
Compliance Automation and Zero Trust Containers
פרק 36: Yinon Costica
פרק 37: Tzachi Zornstain
Software Package Dependencies Attacks
פרק 38: Gadi Naor
Cloud Native Security Foundations
פרק 39: Oz Avenstein
Securing API Services
פרק 40: Adam Gavish
Protecting SaaS services using automation & continuous monitoring
פרק 41: Eran Leib (vp product), Maor Goldberg (CEO)
Securing ci/cd pipeline using policy as code
פרק 42: Hemi Gur-Ary
How to mature devsecops operations
פרק 43: David W. Schropfer
Gaining cloud security knowledge & certification
פרק 44: David W. Schropfer
Gaining cloud security knowledge & certification - Part 2
פרק 45: Omri Segev Moyal
Incident response at scale
פרק 46: Alex Peleg
Securing Small & Medium businesses
פרק 47: Oren Penso
Understanding Service Mesh Technologies
פרק 48: Yan Michalevsky
Deep dive into Confidential computing
פרק 49: Alex Gestin
Security for Fintech Companies
פרק 50: Ravid Circus
Building security workflow at scale
פרק 51: Niv David
Understanding 5G Networks
פרק 52: Leonid Sandler
Securing K8’s Deployments
פרק 53: Rob Hirschfeld
Automating Infrastructure Pipelines
פרק 54: Guy Flechter
Threats on CI/CD pipeline
פרק 55: Boris Gorin
Analyzing SaaS Applications Threats
פרק 56: Vladi Sandler
Researching Cloud giants security mechanisms
פרק 57: Shahar Geiger Maor
How CISO’s should utilize cyber security startups
פרק 58: Ludovic Perret
Quantum computing security challenges - CSA QSS working group
פרק 59: Sam Sehgal
Understanding the six pillars of DevSecops