Professional retraining for Expertise - See Security - לימודי סייבר ואבטחת מידע

Professional retraining for Expertise

The college offers short professional drill down training for Cyber Security Expertise:

SOC Operator & Incident Responder: SOC-IR

ISA: Information Security Auditor

CSFP: Cyber Security Forensics Professional

The program is aimed to train Forensics experts whom are familiar with different means of deciphering computer events, and whom are able to restore software and hardware failures. Finally, cyber forensics experts are responsible to prevent such events from occurring.

CSMA: Cyber Security Malware Analysis

The Malware Analyst training program can help incident Responders, Cyber security Architects, and IT administrators gain the skills to observe malicious programs that target and infect systems.

ASE: Application Security Expert

CSE: Cloud Security Expert

SCSE: SCADA & ICS Security Expert

MSE: Mobile Security Expert

CSFP: Cyber Security Forensics Professional - Level 2

An advanced program for individuals with practical experience in cyber forensics or those who have graduated from our cyber forensics level-1 program.