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Cyber Security Courses Offering

Cyber Security Education Principles

See Security has a few basic principles regarding Cyber Security Education and Training.

  • Defense & Offense
  • From “Course delivery” to Cyber School establishment
  • After Class Assignments
  • Lecturers Policy

Training Programs Catalog

Your candidates can arrive from different background. From  novice or more advanced professionals, individuals or Organizations.

We have a variety of training programs which are suitable for novice and for advanced students. The programs were tailor made for each and every level of professions in the cyber-security industry . We offered comprehensive as well as specific curriculum in accordance with professional perquisites.

Delivery of Education Methodology

See Security has a few basic principles regarding Cyber Security Education and Training:

Defense & Offense

See Security training scope is based on its deep technical knowledge in Cyber Defense and offense, including strategies, methodologies and techniques. Based on that knowledge we have built s suite of trainings which are designed to meet the clients’ interest.

From “Course delivery” to “Cyber School establishment”

The College provides trainings worldwide, and provides a range of solutions, from “off the shelf Courses and International Certifications” combined with attack and defense simulators, to full consultancy for establishing Cyber Security training centers around the world.

After Class Assignments

The Cyber Security world requires constant reviews and updates. Our students receive assignments to help deepen their competence beyond what can be acquired in class.

Lecturers Policy

See Security is committed to deliver breakthrough Cyber security solutions that address security needs of various professions involved in this technology area. We obtain these goals by employing Cyber Security leaders to endow knowledge to the new generation.


We take a holistic view of Cyber Security, delivering progressing education programs that meet today’s needs, adapt to future requirements and are continuously improving the programs.

Training Levels

We offer various levels of training, from a beginners’ introductory course to master classes for experienced professionals.

The goal is a profession and the course is a measure

Being focused at practical trainings and certifications, See Security has designed each course in accordance with prerequisites and the unique point of view that each Cyber security profession has. For example; a Cyber security manager, engineer, and Practitioner – all need to have knowledge about firewalls, but each from a significantly different point of view.

List of Programs and Courses

The programs offered by the college are divided into beginners and advanced students, detailed separately for large-scale programs for Cyber Security main professions, and separately for short and focused courses of specific subjects or specialization.

The programs include, on the one hand, programs for individuals, and on the other hand, awareness-raising courses and workshops, alongside courses tailored to their needs.

Preliminar & Novices

Professional retraining for a core profession

קורס האקינג

Professional retraining for Expertises

Educational and awareness programs for Organizations

International Certification preparation courses