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See Security is a college and a knowledge base training systems manufacturer specializing in Information Security and Cyber Warfare. Since its birth it was recognized by the Israeli security establishment and worked in closed contact with its various branches. The college manager, Mr. Avi Weissman... (for more details...)

If you hold a background in this field of expertise and feel it’s your time to step up and move forward on the carrier ladder, read about the methodology of the information security professions of the Israeli forum under  “Introduction to InfoSec Industry & Education”.

About our InfoSec Professions Studies Method

Since 2002 See Security College operates professional Information security and information warfare training and certification tracks. Based on its vast experience in the security training field, the college has developed a comprehensive and methodological approach for information and cyber security training.

Being focused at practical training and certification of information security professionals, See Security has designed each course according to the prerequisites, required knowledge domains, and the unique point of view of each security profession. For example; Information security manager, engineer, and integrator – they all are required to have knowledge about firewall, but each from another point of view, and for a very different purpose.

Read more about Certifications Zones.

Advanced Information Security Training:

  1. ISSA Track – for Information Security Systems Architect Certification.
  2. CISO Track – for Chief Information Security Officer Certification.
  3. ISSI Track – InfoSec Systems Integrators.
  4. CISSP - A preparation workshop for (ISC)2 - CISSP Accreditation exam.
  5. HDE (Hacking Defined Expert) - for ISPT Certification.

Advanced Cyber Training:

  1. CWD&A level-1 Introduction: from InfoSec to Cyber Warfare
  2. CWD&A level-2 Attack & Research (Hacking Defined Experts)
  3. CWD&A level-2 Defense Architecture & Methods
  4. CWD&A level-3 SOC Design & Operation
  5. CWD&A level-3 Forensics
  6. CWD&A level-3 Malware Analysis
  7. CWD&A level-3 Reverse Engineering
  8. CWD&A level-3 OSINT- Open Source Intelligence
  9. CWD&A level-3 Behavior Analysis
  10. CWD&A level-3 Exploit Writing
  11. CWD&A level-3 SCADA Attack & Defense
  12. CWD&A level-3 Embedded Systems Defense
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